Debt Collection Violations

Maryland and Federal Law provide protections to consumer debtors who are being pursued by debt collectors.  Even if you do owe some money, it does not mean that a collector can be abusive towards you or violate the law.  The Law Offices of Joseph S. Mack handles debt collection violation cases where:

  • A debt collector has threatened violence, or threatened to have you thrown in jail
  • A debt collector is seeking to collect more than is owed
  • A debt collector “robo-calls” your cell phone or sends you text messages without your permission
  • A debt collector is harassing you at work, contacting your relatives, or calling at unreasonable hours

Fee shifting is often available in these circumstances, meaning it may be possible for the Law Offices of Joseph S. Mack to represent you without cost to you.  To read more about fee shifting, click here.  To contact the Law Offices of Joseph S. Mack, please fill out the form below.