Auto Fraud

Unfortunately, many used car dealerships and financing companies often violate the law and exploit their customers.  The Law Offices of Joseph S. Mack sues car dealers and financing companies who engage in the following illegal activities:

  • Wrongful Repossessions (auto dealer or financing company wrongfully repossesses your vehicle).
  • Dealer Claims Financing Fell Through And You Have to Bring Car Back (an auto dealer sells you a vehicle but does not comply with the law requiring them to disclose if financing is still contingent, and then tries to either get the vehicle back or change the terms of the financing to worse terms).
  • Excessive Fees (if you realize that an auto dealer has charged you for things you didn’t agree to)

Fee shifting is often available in these circumstances, meaning it may be possible for the Law Offices of Joseph S. Mack to represent you without cost to you.  To read more about fee shifting, click here.  To contact the Law Offices of Joseph S. Mack, please fill out the form below.