About Class Action Cases

Class actions are cases filed on behalf of a large group of people who were injured in a similar way by the same person or company.  They are often the only mechanism for effective relief when numerous people are ripped off for amounts too small to justify a bunch of individual cases.  Thus, class actions play an important role in securing justice for the victims and holding wrongdoers accountable.

In order to file a class action, there must be at least one injured person who is part of the group of victims who is willing to serve as a class representative.  Class representatives act on behalf of the group of injured persons, representing the interests of the class in the lawsuit and making decisions in the case in consultation with the attorney.  In successful cases, a class representative is often provided an incentive award, subject to approval by the judge, in recognition of the work provided by the class representative on behalf of the class of victims.

But we at the Law Offices of Joseph S. Mack do not look for class representatives who are motivated by an incentive award.  Instead, we want our class representatives to be motivated by a desire to end the wrongful conduct by the defendant and secure relief for the victims.  Many of the class representatives that we have worked with in the past have said that they are very proud of the recovery they secured for the class and enjoyed working closely with their lawyers through the lawsuit and making decisions about the case.  Serving as a class representative is an important opportunity to make a difference for a group of people and have a big impact.

If you would like to learn more about being a class representative, please feel free to contact us below.